Shows Curated by Victoria Fuller


“Domestic Disturbances”, August 4 – October 1, 2017, at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art:

An exhibition of work relating to the home within the context of the human condition and how our lives are reflected in what we call home. Issues represented in the artists work deal with what constitutes a home and how homes reflect our lives, outwardly and psychologically. Homes have such a deep connection to our identity and it is where our most intimate moments play out, for better and for worse; Family dramas enfold within their walls, secrets are kept. It is the hub of our lives, were we can be ourselves. It is our haven (or our hell). The loss of home by war, disaster, or economic hardship can be devastating, leaving some people with temporary homes, or no homes at all. Objects we collect in our homes can be utilitarian, ritualistic, decorative, or connect us to people we associate with them. These objects are personal – they have a personal history, and connect to our personal identity. The artists approached the subject through both a psychological perspective, as well as a situational one. The intent for the audience in viewing this show is for them to come away with a sense of connection with the works presented in recognition of their own ideas of home, and perhaps get some insights into the broader implications of societal issues and personal insight presented.

Artists: Victoria Fuller, Allison Ruttan, Alberto Aguilar, Robert Burnier, Alyssa Miserendino, Lily Dithrich.

Curated by Victoria Fuller