Global Garden Shovel

420″(35 ft.) 90″(7.50 ft ) x 12″
(Martin Luther King Way and Alaska St., Seattle, WA)

Global Garden Shovel plant list:

Shovel Front

  1. Cacao Tree tropical region of the Americas
  2. Umbrella Tree China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia
  3. Milkweed North America
  4. Bamboo Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, South Pacific
  5. Pineapple Southern Brazil, Paraguay
  6. Bell Pepper Mexico, Central America, South America
  7. Philodendron Southern Mexico, Central America
  8. Sunflower Eastern United States, Southeastern Canada
  9. Cabbage Coastal Southern and Western Europe
  10. Banana Tropical East Asia
  11. Tamarind Tree Tropical Africa (adopted into India)
  12. Palm Mexico
  13. Bird of Paradise South Africa
  14. Iris Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, Asia, North America
  15. Rafflesia Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Southern Thailand, Borneo, Southern Philippines
  16. Chanterelle mushroom Northern Europe, North America, Mexico, Asia, Africa
  17. Apple Tree Central Asia/Kazakhstan (cultivated worldwide)
  18. Taro Southeast Asia

Shovel back

  1. Pear China, Middle East
  2. Papaya
  3. Philodendron Southern Mexico, Central America
  4. Corn Mexico, North and South America
  5. Palm Mexico
  6. Amorphophallus titanium Western Sumatra
  7. Heleconia Tropical Americas, Pacific Ocean, Asia
  8. Sea Grape Coastal Tropical Caribbean, Coastal tropical America
  9. Sausage Tree Tropical Africa
  10. Milkweed North America