Public Art / Commissions

Canoe Fan


Aluminum Canoes, Aluminum base
216″ x 432″ x x 24″

WE ARE TRYING TO FIND A PERMANENT HOME FOR CANOE FAN – If you are interested in  having Canoe Fan permanently in your community please visit here:

The design brings to mind the sun on the horizon, peacock feathers spreading, a flower unfolding, a Native American Headdress.

“The holes are a design element that renders the canoes useless, and allows wind to pass through. Boats symbolize passage from one world into the next. It is a portal and symbol of passage, unfolding, flowering.

Safety Star

7. Safety star-Sears Tower

Traffic safety cones, steel, aluminum
108″ diameter

view of temporary show in Willis Tower lobby

Directing Traffic

Directing Trafic
traffic Signs, Steel, electric motor
60" x 36" x 36"

Traffic signs, steel
60″x 36″x 36″

Public sculpture along McCormick Blvd, Village of Lincolnwood, IL.

Shoe Of Shoes


Cast and welded aluminum
120″ x 192″ x 72″

Shoe of Shoes exhibited at the Really Big Shoe Show sponsored by Brown Shoe, and was eventually purchased by Brown Shoe (now known as Caleres Footwear company), in St. Louis and is featured in the St. Louis public art consortium guide:

Oh Say Can You See

Hockey Sticks, pucks, wood Latex paint
108″ x 60″ x 7″

Commissioned by ESPNzone, Chicago, IL.

Global Garden Shovel

Cast Bronze
420″ x 90″ x 12″

Commissioned by Sound Transit, City of Seattle, mass transit. Located in a plaza at the Columbia City Stop along the commuter rail line. 

Peas and Quiet

Peas and Quiet by Victoria Fuller 2 copy

Winterstone, Wire Armature, refrigerator, paint
78″ x 28″ x 32″

Commissioned by Comed, to bring attention to their program to recycle old appliances for more energy efficient ones. Artwork done on old recycled refrigerator. Was exhibited on Michigan Ave., in Chicago, IL.

I Want

Steel plexiglass, paint, found objects
72″ x 77′ x 5″

Commissioned by Arts In Transit, St. Louis


Lily Pollen, engineering drawing.

Endless Column

Stop sign Endless Column copy

Tower made from 57 stop signs and aluminum under-structure
34’H x 3′ W x 3’D

Poses the questions – What do I need to stop, or what am I stopping for?

Stop, Yield Be Cautious

Traffic signs, traffic cones, aluminum understructure

Designed for a courthouse where driver’s license are issued, “Stop, Yield, Be Cautious” would be an installation using three separate sculpture elements – a pyramid, a star and a tower – made from traffic signs and cones, normally used to enforce rules of the road, and metaphorically can represent rules in any context, revealing questions relating to society at large and ourselves. such as – What am I yielding to? What do I need to stop, or what am I stopping for? And what do I need to be cautious about? 

The pyramid of yield signs (with a metal under-structure, 19′ 7″H, 19′ 7″ W x 19′ 7″D – 192 signs), the tower of stop signs (metal understructure, approximately 34’H x 3′ W x 3’D – 57 stop signs), and a star of cast aluminum traffic cones (9′ Diameter – 18 cones). 

Soccer Ball Ball

cast  aluminum,  polyurethane enamel
120″ dieameter

Designed for soccer stadium


cast aluminum,  polyurethane enamel
108″x 108″ x 108″

Designed for a library

Cast metal and epoxy painted books create six connecting archways, resembling a kind of Stonehenge out of books that the public can walk through, sit on, and interact with. The archways represent portals into to other worlds, found in books. Each connecting arch gets progressively shorter, and the last arch becomes a bench to sit on.

Circuit Tree Grove

144″x 144″ x 264″‘

Aluminum, polyurethane enamel

Designed for a computer and electrical engineering building

Three separate aluminum structures interact as a unit, like a small grove of “trees”, representing parents with children, or elders imparting wisdom to younger scholars. This theme suggests the notion of individuals combining knowledge as a team, reflecting ideology of a center for higher learning. Built like a pavilion without a roof, viewers can walk inside and amongst the circuit board structures. 

Transformation Topography

Terrazzo floor 

Designed for university bio-processing lab, with plant, chemical, molecular and microscopic imagery which are materials used in transforming plant matter into fuel and food products.

Three Graces

IMG_3322 copy 3

Steel, polyurethane enamel

Designed for a university theater and anthropology building.

The Three Graces is 12’ high, 4” diameter steel tubes, welded together and painted with a blue catalyzed paint, and anchored to a triangular shaped concrete pad. The design is made with three bent metal figures, leaning back in a dance, forming a triangle, inspired by vine baskets, African and South American ceremonial dance carvings, and Greco Roman Three Graces.